About Betty's Home Biz
About Betty’s Home Biz

About Betty’s Home Biz

This page is about Betty’s home biz – online work, working from home and variety work. My name is Betty. I live in South Australia. For many years I have worked home, both online and also from my home studio/office. For me, it was the most practical thing to do – to help with the juggle between work and family.

I love the flexibility of working from home and the business opportunity it provides without a huge investment. Therefore, it is low risk. I love to create, to be able to start a project or business from nothing and to create and build it into something. My desire has always been to have plenty of variety in whatever work I do.


Over the years I have worked in different vocational areas at home. My initial work from home was piano teaching. I find teaching students very satisfying. After a student begins lessons, it is followed by learning, practising and applying what is learnt. Doing this brings progress. These same principles apply to working from home in any chosen field. You can take all the necessary steps to start a business or project but if that’s all you do, nothing will become of it.

Beads and jewellery is another field I use for creativity. Creating a design, choosing beads, making the created design and seeing the finished product gives much satisfaction.




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