New Rewards at SFI


New Rewards at SFI

What's the new Rewards at SFI? Have you ever wanted to own your own business and be part of an organization where you can build a team and leverage your income while earning rewards and exchanging them for other items?

SFI have just launched Rewardicals. Use the promo code  feb257 and join free HERE

New Program

This new program is two-fold.

1. It is for SFI members (who automatically become Rewardical members) who want to build a business and leverage their income. Join HERE

2. It is also for Rewardical members (join with promo code feb257 HERE ) who want to take advantage of the Rewards which can be exchanged for other items including Bitcoin, donations to your favourite charity and TripleClicks Gift Certificates.


localvantiaWith the introduction of Rewardicals, it goes hand in hand with the new Localvantia program where members will be able to shop locally at registered shops and receive Rewardicals (Promo Code feb257).


Work Home Online from Your Home Office

Work Home Online

Work home online from your home office. Start a new business. This will be your business. It takes thought, planning, goals and time but make a start. You need to start from where you are.

Are you an entrepreneur or just a wantrepreneur?

You become an entrepreneur. Sift through your thoughts, organising them into categories.

What are your interests? You need to enjoy what you do. Making a business from things you enjoy gives the motivation to get started and helps with the dedication and determination to keep going.

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to have an online business or a physical business. What are your strengths? How many hours do you want to work? Full time or part time? How much do you want to invest? There are many questions you need to ask yourself. Write your answers down.

Online Business

Personally myself, I prefer an online business with plenty of training and support. Why? An online business is easy to start because you only need a computer and the internet. With a physical business, you need to think about what products you are going to market, how you are going to finance them, where you are going to get them and how you are going to sell them.

I joined Strong Future International in 2016 as an affiliate. Now I am a Team Leader with SFI. I joined SFI because it is a strong based company, launched in 1998. SFI is free to join, has free training and customer support. READ HERE

SFI is a work home online opportunity where you will have both work and play – a website, games, auctions and plenty of products available to market or purchase.


The Benefits of Working from Home

Working Home Benefits

There are many benefits to access while working from home compared to going out to work for an employer. Even though the cash is not instant, work your way from the beginning and develop your own business into the size you want it, giving you freedom to do the things you want to do. This is the starting place of working home benefits.

Another working home benefit is that if you are creative, your creativity can become part of your business.

Treat Your Business Like a Business

One thing needed is to treat ‘working from home’ like a business. Make sure time is allocated daily to work on your business. Whatever is put into a business is what is received from a business. No time equals no business.

Since becoming an affiliate of SFI (Strong Future International), I have seen my business grow from strength to strength. Even though there is lots to learn, training is available freely on the site, with help available from other affiliates in the Forum too.

This business can be done either in small steps or large steps. A huge PLUS is that it is FREE TO JOIN and the training is FREE also. I am also available to help you get started on your ‘work from home’ journey.

This is an online opportunity that is well established. Check it out HERE